Oct. 3, 2011 | By

Facebook Hearts Music

With updates seemingly every few months, it’s hard to keep up with the new layouts and features on Facebook. And then there are the rumors, which then spur lots of chatter during the times in-between. Changes and speculation came head-to-head with the recent f8 Developer Conference where CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed some of the rumors …+

Sept. 29, 2011 | By

Business Lessons From Lady Gaga

I’ve written about Lady Gaga in the past. I enjoy her outrageous fashion choices, and I can always count on The Fame to get me through a Saturday afternoon of household chores. What does this have to do with business? I’m glad you asked. While flipping through Smart Money last night, I came across an …+

Sept. 26, 2011 | By

It’s Not Easy Being Green

The legendary Kermit, the Frog sings about the trials and tribulations of being green and in the end realizes that he is happy with his hue. For companies, organizations and other entities, “being green” has many meanings and it can often be confusing to understand what it means to be a “green company.”  While every …+

Sept. 22, 2011 | By

Say Goodbye to Your Wallet!

A few months ago, I wrote a post about Google Wallet coming to a phone near you. Well folks, it’s here! Even though I neither own a Nexus S 4G phone nor use a Citi MasterCard credit card – the current prerequisites for being able to partake in the Google Wallet fun – I’m pretty …+

Sept. 20, 2011 | By

Smartphone Wars (Yes, the debate continues!)

By Andrea Dennis & Shahirah Isahak Andrea is an Apple fan, through and through, so when it comes to talking about the iPhone versus an Android, it’s quite apparent that Andrea is iPhone4 all the way. Shahirah, a recent Droid convert knows all too well what the glorified iPhone is capable (and incapable) of. When …+

Sept. 13, 2011 | By

Solar Energy Forecast: Still Sunny

My colleagues, as well as myself, have written our share of blog posts for Vantage Points on mobile- and social media-related topics and rightly so, as there is so much to write about from new apps to the latest discovery with social networks and more. Well, it’s time to shake it up a bit!  Another …+

Sept. 12, 2011 | By

Mobile Innovation Improving Our World

When I was a kid, my parents practiced with me how to dial 911 in the event of an emergency and what to say to the operator. It was pretty basic stuff, but of course what scared me the most was how dependent I was on the phone line. Scary movies told me that the …+