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Unless you’re Apple or Samsung, your PR program probably can’t rely on a product launch to get coverage anymore. Why? Because the market is saturated with new product launches every day. Don’t get me wrong. The product launch isn’t dead, … Continued

The “Get to Know Us” series continues and our latest blog entry is about John Vernon. John is a senior account executive & agency development coordinator at Vantage PR.   What attracted you to PR? I love working with people, building and nurturing relationships, and working … Continued

Next up in our “Get to Know Vantage” series: Meet account manager Lynda Starr   If you could snap your fingers and be eating dinner at a restaurant anywhere in the world, where would you be and what would you be … Continued

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One can certainly find both pros and cons to working for a large global PR agency, as well as a boutique PR agency. When I accepted my position with Vantage in 2008, I chose the boutique agency path and haven’t … Continued

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